Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Spring is a great time for Planting!

In Spring we went for walks around our school.  We found blossoms on the trees and we also noticed that the days were getting warmer.  We challenged ourselves to name the different parts of a flower. To help us with our learning, we planted bean, tomato, lettuce and flower seeds.  We have to remember to water our seeds every day and make sure they get sun as well.  Our seeds took a long time to grow into seedlings.  We have yummy looking lettuce but no tomatoes, flowers or beans yet.  We also worked with our lovely mother helpers to make a Spring mural.  We shared our ideas about what happens in Spring.   We visited the sunflower garden and looked at the different parts of the flower and their names.  We hope you like our Spring display in our corridor!


  1. Yum! We ate Joseph's lettuce in our salad thank you very much Room 12! We look forward to seeing those tomato flowers coming out for your tomato crop! The Trembath family

  2. wow that's cool, I would love to do that. once i fed some sheep with a milk bottle at Ambury farm too! I hope our buddies will share they're amazing experience and they're learning with us:)