Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Ambury Farm Park

WALT: Identify animals that can be found on a farm and talk about the foods that these animals can give us.
What we did:
<![if !supportLists]>·         <![endif]>watched a cow being milked using a machine
<![if !supportLists]>·         <![endif]>blocked our noses when the cow went to the toilet on the ground
<![if !supportLists]>·         <![endif]>heard the calves mooing for their milk
<![if !supportLists]>·         <![endif]>watched the calves being fed using a pretend udder
<![if !supportLists]>·         <![endif]>fed the cows broccoli with our own hands
<![if !supportLists]>·         <![endif]>walked through the poo in the cow and sheep paddocks
<![if !supportLists]>·         <![endif]>shared our ideas about why sheep need to be ‘crutched’
<![if !supportLists]>·         <![endif]>felt real wool that had come off a sheep
<![if !supportLists]>·         <![endif]>slid outside like sheep do when they have had their wool cut
<![if !supportLists]>·         <![endif]>fed the goats, hens, roosters, lambs and cows with our bare hands (we thought it tickled!)
<![if !supportLists]>·         <![endif]>had lots of fun and challenged ourselves to have a go at everything!!!

We were so lucky because we had lots of wonderful Room 12 parents to help during our visit. Thank you!!

Spring is a great time for Planting!

In Spring we went for walks around our school.  We found blossoms on the trees and we also noticed that the days were getting warmer.  We challenged ourselves to name the different parts of a flower. To help us with our learning, we planted bean, tomato, lettuce and flower seeds.  We have to remember to water our seeds every day and make sure they get sun as well.  Our seeds took a long time to grow into seedlings.  We have yummy looking lettuce but no tomatoes, flowers or beans yet.  We also worked with our lovely mother helpers to make a Spring mural.  We shared our ideas about what happens in Spring.   We visited the sunflower garden and looked at the different parts of the flower and their names.  We hope you like our Spring display in our corridor!

FW: Harold Visits Sunnyhills School

We are learning to:
  • Understand that we are special
  • Understand that other people have the same needs as we do
  • Keep ourselves safe when playing
  • Explore the links between human and animal needs
Harold came to visit Sunnyhills this term.  Room12  went to the caravan two times.  We looked after the animal puppets and talked about how they need the same things as we do. We liked it when Harold came out of his room to talk about how unique and special we are.   Later we created self-portraits and talked about how we are all different and that is what makes us special!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

T3 Buddy Reading Session

This term we are starting our Buddy Class sessions with our Room 8 buddies. 


Before we went, we learnt how to introduce ourselves and talk about what we like.  We had to make eye contact and use a clear speaking voice.  Miss S could  hear lots of different languages being spoken. It made her heart happy. 


Next we showed our buddies how we are learning to read.  We pointed to the words and used the pictures to give us clues.  Our buddies read a picture  book to us and we listened carefully. 


We are really looking forward to seeing our buddies again next week:  )