Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Making Stuffed Kumara to Celebrate Matariki

This week Room 12 students are taking part in a variety of activities related to the celebration of Matariki- Maori New Year.

 Today we went into the staffroom and did some cooking in our table groups. 

After washing our hands and putting on a shirt to protect our uniform, we took turns at doing these things:

Clean the kumara

Push the buttons on the microwave to cook the kumara

Chop the mushrooms

Grate the cheese

Scrape the kumara insides out

Mash  the kumara

Mix our ingredients together

Spoon the mixture back into the kumara

Sprinkle cheese on top before grilling the kumara


Matariki is a good time to remember how special our friends and family are and to look after them.   We worked on taking turns and sharing equipment when preparing our food.  We took our stuffed kumara home to share with our families.

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